Kristin Hatcher


Kristin brokers ideas that unlock possibility and unleash human potential. She’s happiest when exploring unnoticed connections that widen the aperture around what is possible.


In college she became fascinated by the question of who’s in and who’s out when it comes to access to healthcare and she’s kept that question with her ever since. Her work explores the intersection between health and justice -- their interplay, dependencies and mutual necessity within the human experience. Kristin has led research into barriers to care, utilized end user experiences to inform programming and advocated for the inclusion of the patient perspective in policy making -- all while keeping an eye towards the immediacy of the need at hand and the imperative to translate thinking into doing.  


Richard Vander Burg


Richard was a curious child. From an early age he wanted to know “how does it work?” Whether “it” be a transistor radio, when there was such a thing, to the human body during a career as a perioperative registered nurse. 

His curiousity has lead him all over the world to see sites, experience cultures, deliver humanitarian programs, and build businesses. Seriously the guys passport is a tome. 

An inveterate reader and ponderer he relishes finding the patterns and non near adjacent solutions in life and with his clients. And once “the problem to be solved” is complete he will delight all with the tale.