Apogee Consulting Group



When was the last time you walked outside, stood still and looked up?

What did you see?



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Our posture changes when we look up.  Not just the physical posture of our bodies, but the internal posture of our inquiry.  It’s a shift towards wonder and curiosity.  What if we brought that posture to our work?


Who is Apogee for?

Articulating where you are going and what must be done to get there is buried underneath today’s long list of items that need your attention.

Oftentimes our clients have extraordinary experience and knowledge, but find themselves “in the doing” with difficulty balancing the need to execute and the need to assemble their insight into a cohesive and logical forward leaning plan.

That near constant barrage of challenges can make it difficult to adopt the telescopic perspective necessary to strategically plan, problem solve, position and communicate about the work you're doing.


What is Apogee for?

Best practices and tried and true approaches exist and, in some cases, there are well trodden paths proven to lead to expected outcomes.  In complex environments, however, the way forward is not always clear.  Apogee is for when there is no solution to transpose. 

Apogee is the point in orbit farthest away from the earth.  The word also refers to the highest point, the culmination, the peak. We chose the name because that’s where we want to go with our clients.

Together we will undertake the intellectual wayfinding necessary to get around the orbit from the point of Apogee to home.


Our Work

Together, we will:

  • Find perspective related to the world in which you operate and think through the positioning of your work.
  • Help you more clearly articulate your strengths and value.
  • Be partners in moving through the hard and complex by dismantling limiting  perspectives and disentangling encumbered thinking. 
  • Adopt a mindset of openness towards the unknown, because curiosity is the best route to creativity and possibility.

To get there, we’ll need to ask different questions and generate space for imaginative inquiry and rich, provocative discussion.

The creation of alignment between current activity and desired future state can be a transformative experience both for the organization and for the individuals leading.  Let’s go there together.


"True intelligence is not knowledge but imagination"

Albert einstein

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Business Verticals

  • Humanitarian / NGOs
  • Ministries of Health
  • Medical Device 
  • Pharmaceutical




Knowledge Generation 

We’ll start with what you know.  We’ll dialogue and work to understand areas where additional information is needed.  Then, we’ll develop an approach to assembling knowledge that represents the appropriate level of rigor with a bent towards lean design and acquisition of information.

Program Design

Leveraging decades of experience, we’ll help your team design a program that “fits”. We’ll start with sensemaking -- working to structure the unknown, locate ourselves and develop an emerging picture based on dialogue, information gathering and action. We’ll help you get crystal clear on the exact problem you are trying to solve.

Strategic Planning

We’ll work with you to distill your vision into a strategic plan that gets you and your organization aligned around the things that are important to you. The goal of this process is the generation of an extensible plan that can be adapted and iterated based on experience gained through implementation and changes within the dynamic backdrops against which programming occurs.

Monitoring and Evaluation

We can help you design a monitoring and evaluation plan that generates timely information to inform decision making.  Together, we’ll look at the results to describe the value creation that has occurred and to construct the narrative that appropriately positions the important work your organization is doing.

International Market Access and Business development

Our extensive international experience has positioned us to organizations looking to grow their global reach. With a focus on low- and middle-income countries, particularly in Asia and Africa, we have a network of likeminded colleagues that can be called up to support your business development goals and facilitate your access to new markets.